What is NCAR

The North and Central American Region (NCAR) is the largest region of seven regions within Ikebana International, reaching from Canada to the Panama Canal.  As the Regional Advocate Committee, we seek to strengthen relationships with the 68 NCAR chapters – through engagement, communication and knowledge sharing – to enhance chapter and school vitality.  We provide resources and share proven practices to spread the art of ikebana.  

With our mission: Serving North & Central American chapters to expand the Art of Ikebana through communication and action. We will be working to develop programs that will excite new and younger members, ensure a legacy into the future, and find ways to inspire new ikebanists to join this extraordinary global organization.

Originally, the North American Region (NAR) was combined in 2017 with the Central Region of Ikebana International to create the NCAR (North & Central American Region). In 2019 at the 18th North & Central American Regional Conference, a resolution passed to expand the NCAR Liaison function from a Communication Chair to an NCAR Liaison Committee with several representatives from all over the region, Committee Chair and Communications Chair.

Now called the Regional Advocates Committee the Regional Advocates are working to support chapters through this website, social media and direct contact with the chapters. You can find more information about the NCAR Advocates Committee here. Our mission (stated above) and objectives can be found here. You are welcome to download this flyer about the NCAR Regional Advocates and their objectives and share it with your membership.