Chapter Resources

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Chapter Resources page – The list below details all the information on this important page.

  • All Seedling emails that have been issued
  • Links to latest Sakura News
  • Guidelines and how to use Zoom
  • Thoughts on how to meet safely during COVID
  • Reporting your Elections results to I.I. HQ
  • How to keep all chapter related passwords in one safe place rds
  • How to forward your chapter email to a personal email in box and more.
  • Analysis on best method to pay membership dues (bank transfer, wire transfer, PayPal etc).
  • Guidelines on how to submit Activity Reports
  • Resources for providing insurance for your chapter
  • Some how to guides for Facebook as well as our recommended protocols for Ikebana chapter Facebook pages
  • Ideas on how to promote your chaper
  • How to take great photos of your ikebana arrangements
  • Logos you will need to your flyers, brochures, Facebook and website
  • Outreach ideas
  • Miscellaneous items including a vendor list (TBA)