Chapter Resources

Don’t see what you need here – let us know and we will get to work on it for you. Simply contact your Regional Advocate or the Communications Chair, Stephanie English


Seedlings Emails & Sakura News

To read any previous editions of “Seedlings” emails click here.

Click here for the most recent edition of Sakura News

2021 New Year Luncheon –how to submit photos

Using Zoom

There are two important documents for your chapter’s use of Zoom- click here to be directed to the Zoom page.

Thoughts on conducting meetings due to COVID-19

The St. Petersburg chapter has prepared a report of how to hold meetings either “live” indoors or outdoors or “virtual”. The have generously shared their thoughts with all the NCAR chapters. The report is effective July 1, 2020 and reflects COVID-19 advisories effective at that time for the St. Petersburg and Florida areas.
Each chapter should consider this report in combination with your own local and state government entities COVID-19 guidelines and advisories. We urge all chapters to review this report and share it with their board, program chairs – even all members.


Report your Election Results

Click here to download an Elected Officers Form as a Word document to fill out and send to I.I. HQ and Stephanie English. Directions are on the form. Here is the same form in a PDF format.

Protect your Chapter Passwords and more!

Click here to download a chart for all your usernames and passwords.

We also have some best practices to recommend for your passwords. (Page is TBA)

Get your Chapter Gmails

Step-by-step instructions on “how to forward your chapter email inbox to your personal email box.”

Step-by step instructions on preventing your chapter Gmails from going to “Promotion or Social Folders” instead of your “Primary” folder

What is 2-step verification and how to eliminate it on your Gmail account

Find the most cost effective way to pay dues to headquarters

Take a look at our analysis of the best way to pay your dues based on your chapter size. We looked at PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers and even a new version, Transferwise. com. Review and decide which option is best for your chapter.

Information on where and how to send dues payments is also on this page.

Submit a Chapter Activity Report

How to submit a Chapter Activity Report – there have been some important changes. Deadlines for submission is also included on this page.

Contact I.I. Headquarters
Examine Insurance coverage for your chapter

Need insurance for your chapter – click here for an excellent source, explanations of various options, contact numbers and an expert who can help answer your questions.

Insurance is particularly important for larger chapters using meeting or exhibit space in public buildings such as churches and gardens.


Social Media Help

Get started with Facebook

It is important that all chapters have some online presence. If you don’t have a website, chapters are encouraged start a Facebook page.

Need help – Call your Regional Advocate

Japanese Cultural Videos

Consider sharing any of these cultural videos as a start or end to a meeting, on your website, on your Facebook page or even as a link in your email or newsletters messages. There are 5-10 minutes videos on everything from kimonos to kenzans.

Promoting your Events

The NCAR will help promote your events by putting them on the website, our Facebook page and perhaps via an email blast to all NCAR chapters or only chapters in your region.

See our online publishing policy for more details.

How to take great ikebana photos

Read these great tips for taking ikebana photos

Get your Official Ikebana Logos here

Official Ikebana International logos for all printed materials and digital media and your Facebook page!

The Cherry Blossom and I.I. calligraphy logos are on this page.

Proven new membership tools

Some chapters have been successful by aligning themselves with events or venues where all parties benefit. Below are three ideas that have worked for some chapters. If your chapter has a related success story, please let your Regional Advocate or the Communications Chair, Stephanie English know about it.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Consulate and/or Business Society

Arboretum or Botanical Garden

Can’t find what you are looking for – this page might have it. It contains basic information and videos related to Ikebana. We will be adding a list of Ikebana vendors to this page soon.