During this pandemic, many chapters are hosting virtual exhibits.  The creativity of Ikebanists around the region is astounding.  Most of these exhibits are also on our Facebook page, just click on the Facebook icon in the right hand margin. Please like and share our Facebook page!

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalks – a virtual exhibit

The V&A museum in London recently launched a series of five films that take viewers on a personal, 30 minutes behind the scenes tour of their critically acclaimed exhibition, Kimono:Kyoto to Catwalk. Captured as the museum was closing its doors to the public due to COVID-19, curator Anna jackson guides viewers through the exhibit providing a personal insight into the making of the show and the history of the iconic garment.

Virtual Exhibits by NCAR Chapters

Asheville Chapter has launched a 2nd virtual exhibit entitled “COVID-19 Inspired” designs. Very whimsical and creative. Enjoy by clicking here. Be sure to check out the titles of the designs!

Milwaukee chapter started their own version of an online exhibition at th end of March with submissions continuing until mid-June. They began with the traditional early spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, forsythia and numerous others. Included in this exhibition is what is currently blooming. Therefore, there is a wide variety, some innovative, of arrangements for you to view. Please enjoy.

Miami Chapter #131 decided to use their “quarantine” time to create ikebana in their homes. Below are just a few examples:

San Diego #119 received 28 photos from their members who made arrangements while “sheltering in place”. You can see a few of them below, but also check out San Diego’s Facebook page for more. Be sure to “like, follow and even share” their Facebook page with your chapters’s page.

The Tacoma-Olympia #147 Chapter elected to engage their members by asking them to make Ikebana from their homes. Click here to see the results.

Ikebana International Atlanta, #265 and the Grandview Avenue Gallery are pleased to bring you their second annual presentation of East meets West!   Each artist has interpreted a gallery painting using only fresh floral material, with the name of the Ikebana school, the designer and the artist represented.

The arrangement gallery is set so you can allow it to run on your computer continuously by selecting an image and clicking on the ”play button or arrow” in the lower left hand corner. Pause on any image by selecting the “pause button”. You can also isolate any image by clicking the “enlarge” arrows in the upper right. Exit the gallery by clicking on the “X” in the lower right hand corner

“Ikebana from your Own Backyard” – presented by Asheville #74

Part 1 – click here – scroll down and click on the first picture to start the slideshow
Part 2 – click here – scroll down and click on the first picture to start the slideshow

Sarasota Chapter #115 had to cancel their exhibit in April of this year, but they rallied and created a lovely virtual exhibit.  It is beautifully done and you almost feel like you are walking among all the great Ikebana arrangements as you view this 6 minute video.  Sarasota Nature’s Ikebana Virtual Exhibition

Philadelphia  Chapter #71 also had to cancel their exhibit scheduled for April.  They presented their membership with the challenge of creating arrangements for one of the following themes:

Foraged Ikebana
Reflections on Solitude
Vintage Blooms
The results of their COVID-19 challenge can be viewed here.

San Diego Chapter #119 also canceled their spring exhibit and the Art Alive event with the San Diego Museum of Art.  Nevertheless, creativity won and the  San Diego Museum of Art conducted a virtual Art Alive exhibit.  Of the 56 participants in the exhibit, 10 were from the San Diego chapter. Each designer used whatever materials were available to them to create a floral interpretation of a work of art from the museum’s collection.  Please enjoy by clicking on this link.

Virtual Exhibits by various Schools of Ikebana

Every two years the Art League in Washington D.C. sponsors a show pairing artists’ works with Sogetsu Ikebana arrangers floral creations.  The show this year was virtual.  It can be found at this link and you must have the cursor over the arrangement to identify the arranger. Scroll down and click on the first picture.

Ichiyo Home Tour organized by Jeanne Houlton.  Enjoy this type of creativity while so many are “sheltering in place” but still connecting with flowers and their many friendships in flowers.

Here is one organized by  Katy Ho,  Ohara teacher in the Los Angeles Chapter, with designs from many North & Central American Ikebana Chapters (NCAR) and Ohara school of Ikebana chapters and study groups.

Want to see more of these virtual exhibits – check out our Facebook page (Ikebana North America).

If your chapter or school has held a Virtual Exhibit or is planning one, please let us know by contacting your Regional Advocate.  We would love to share it on our Facebook page for everyone in the NCAR to see and enjoy!