Getting started with Facebook

It is important for chapter development and growth to have some type of online presence. A Facebook Business page offers free access to unlimited potential to introduce new people to this wonderful art form.

Why create a Facebook (FB) page

  • Information on your events, chapter meetings, activities etc. will be seen by a much wider audience in your area as well as globally.
  • Free publicity
  • Access to younger and wider audiences
  • Ability to “Sell” your services:  classes, programs, demonstrations and arrangements for events
  • Educate viewers on the art of ikebana and its various schools
  • Provide continuous data (called Insights) into who you are reaching and more
  • Provide link access to email address (use your chapter email address) or your chapter website or other social media platforms

Getting Organized to start your Facebook page

  • You need to have a personal Facebook page before you can create a business Facebook page for your chapter.
    • Don’t worry if you don’t have a personal Facebook page. They are easy to create and you don’t have to keep them current. You just have to keep the Chapter Facebook page current.
    • Here is a YouTube video on how to create a personal Facebook page or
    • Or try this written document with step-by-step instructions on how to create a personal Facebook page.
  • When creating your Chapter Facebook page, be sure you create a Business or Brand page, not a Community or Public figure page or another personal page. Business pages give you greater flexibility to promote and “sell” what your chapter does.
  • It is important to list the chapter email address on your chapter Facebook page as your main contact or you website. Either way, give your audience an opportunity to contact your chapter.
  • Name your chapter business Facebook page with the words Ikebana International, your chapter city name, and your chapter # (optional).
    • Examples are: Ikebana International Mobile, or Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter 4.
  • You will be asked to use an email address and password for this Chapter Facebook business page.
    • Note: It is of vital importance that you use the chapter email address for this page as well as password that is easily transferred to the next person who will be maintaining the chapter Facebook page.
  • You must have the cherry blossom logo as your profile picture in the circle.
    • This is required in order to differentiate your Chapter Facebook page with other Ikebana groups on Facebook that are not necessarily chapters associated with Ikebana International. Access to these logos are available on this page on this website or you can email our webmaster who will send you the artwork you need.

Before you begin

  • Go to and type in the search bar ( see picture below) the words Ikebana or Ikebana International and a city or chapter name to be directed to other Ikebana International Facebook pages.

Need help – contact your Regional Advocate, if your Advocate can’t help you, they will put you in touch with someone who can!

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