How to Forward Chapter Email to your email address

To ensure you receive email from NCAR – we recommend you set up automatic forwarding. If you do this, the emails that are sent to your chapter email address will appear in your personal email address. It is also highly recommended that you add into your Contacts.

Follow these simply guidelines for your chapter email address
  • Make the user name and password for your chapter email account is unique and memorable to your chapter and not to the person establishing the email account.
  • Do not use 2 step verification for your chapter email account as that verification requires a test or email to a cell phone or email account specific to the person establishing the account.  It is possible that the person establishing the account with the phone number associated with 2-step verification may leave the chapter, thus permanently disabling the chapter email account from being transferred to another chapter officer.
  • Report email and password to your Treasurer, President or webmaster for safekeeping.  It is extremely important that these passwords are known and kept in safekeeping by someone in the chapter. 
If you are using your chapter email and not receiving NCAR emails, see below

The problem could be that the North & Central American region (NCAR) emails are going to a social or promotions inbox within gmail and now your primary chapter email inbox.

Go to your chapter email in box within gmail, go to “Settings” (instructions are below), and then the click on “inbox” and be sure that the “Social and Promotions” boxes are checked. Now any messages from NCAR will go to your primary chapter email inbox.

Forwarding chapter email to your personal email inbox

These instruction are for those chapters who have a extension on their chapter email.  This is the most common email extension used for North and Central American Region chapters.

The person who handles this “forwarding” should be the person who will be regularly checking the chapter email account.  Please know that this can be easily changed to another person as your officers and/or other contact people change. The forwarding address does not have to be a gmail account.

  1. Open your current chapter email ending in by going to and enter the username and password for this account.  Then in the upper right hand corner click on the “Settings” tab which looks like the symbol below circled in red:
  2. After clicking on the this symbol you will be directed to a drop down menu that looks like the picture below and  click on the word “Settings”.
  3. Once you have click on the word “Settings”, you will see the following menu and click on the words “Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  4. After clicking on the words “Forwarding and POP/IMAP and you will see the following
  5. Now all you need to do is to click on the box “Add a forwarding address” and you will see the following
  6. Enter the email address where you want the chapter email to be forwarded, and then click “Next”.  This does not have to be a address, but can be any address you desire.
  7. You will then be directed to a confirmation box which asks you to check the address where you want the chapter emails to be forwarded.  Simply click on the box “Proceed”.  
  8. Once the forwarding address has been confirmed, you have to select it to forward and then SAVE.
  9. The recipient for where the emails will now be sent (forwarded) will receive an email in which they have to click on a link to confirm that they will accept the email being forwarded from your chapter email address. After responding to the link sent to the forwarding email, it is necessary to return to the menu, and then press the blue button that permits forwarding of emails.  The default setting appears to be to “Disallow” them.  Only then will it be complete.

At any time in the future, you can change these “forwarding” directions to another email address of any chapter member.

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