Showing the Videos



The above blue button is only to the videos themselves. You will need the password from the NCAR Video Coordinator prior to your video showing meeting for the specific video you plan to show.

The green button above brings you to the form to reserve the specific dates you wish to show a video and to indicate which video you will be showing (so we can give you the correct password for the respective video). The passwords differ by video and change monthly. We need this information regardless of whether you are using the NCAR Pro Zoom Account or your own Zoom Account.

Zoom Documents expressly for Video scheduling, promoting and showing

Other general Zoom information can be found on this page

Other general Zoom information can be found on this page for conducting Chapter meetings.

  • Below is a short video on how to prepare the Zoom settings for sharing a screen and showing a video. These instructions are also covered in the Guidelines

7 Steps to Success

  1. Decide which video you will be showing from the 10 videos available and contact the NCAR Video Coordinator for the password for your desired video for the specific month. Passwords will be provided at the beginning of each month and will change monthly.
    • Do not share the video password with anyone other than the back up Video Liaison. As a reminder, individual showings of these videos is prohibited in the Guidelines!
  2. Please use the “Video Themes” provided on this page for each of the videos to promote your video to members and guests. Facebook and website posts are also strongly encouraged.
  3. Feel free to use the biographies provided as an introduction to your video showing. There is a bio for all demonstrators on this page.
  4. Prior to the video showing you may wish to send the “Styles, Containers & Materials list” to your chapter members.They are provided for all of the Conference and NCAR Sensei videos on this page.
  5. Send the Zoom invitation link to the video showing (not the link to the video) requiring participants to register several days in advance of the showing.
  6. It is recommended you ask your members to begin signing in to the Zoom meeting about 15 minutes prior to your assigned time. If you are using a Zoom account provided by the Ikebana Iwaya fund, you have only 2 hours to get everyone into the meeting, able to see and hear everything, conduct any chapter business, introduce the video, show the video, and then close and exit the meeting properly.
  7. Be sure you have the video link “queued up” on your desktop, ready to share and enjoy the video with all your chapter members and their guests.

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