How to submit a Chapter Activity Report

The Chapter Activity Report Form A is no longer required to send a Chapter Activity Report to headquarters.  Submissions must be sent via email to

Ikebana International headquarters has asked that Chapter Activity Reports be articles of 400 words or more, but it is okay if that is not possible. Articles that report on exhibitions and events open to the public, demonstrations, Next Generation projects, Community Service projects and special occasions are encouraged.  They prefer the article has pictures with appropriate captions.  Chapter reports that are not selected for publication will be considered for future reports or posted on the Headquarters website under Chapter Activities.

When sending pictures, please attach them to the email and do not imbed them in a separate document such as a Word document.  If the size of the attachments gets over 5MB, please split them into several emails.  Also, try to send the highest quality (resolution) pictures possible.

Publication deadlines are as follows:

  • Activities between August and November – no later than Dec. 31.
  • Activities between December and March – no later than April 30
  • Activities between April and July – no later than August 31.