Ikebana Iwaya Fund

Ikebana Iwaya Fund (IIF) believes in promoting ikebana in North America. We support any ikebana related activities from Ikebana International chapters to Ikebana school chapters. It is well worth the wonderful artistic creations, personal interactions and serenity that it brings. IIF is ready to assist you in this endeavor with grants or channeling the donations where desired.   As an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, IIF provides donors with a receipt for income tax returns.

Please encourage your members to make donations designated to your organization through the Ikebana Iwaya Fund. All Donation Forms and IIF Request Forms can be found at our website at ikebanaiwaya.org. With you, IIF will continue to expand its outreach for the benefit of the ikebana community in the U.S.

Contact us: ikebanaiwaya@gmail.com

Find us: ikebanaiwaya.org