Ikebana International official logos

Below are the logos that are to be used on all I.I. chapter correspondence including, stationary, brochures, flyers, newsletters, websites and social media. They are required to be used on any digital or printed media that you publish for your chapter.  Please use them.  You should be able to drag and drop these images or copy and past them to your desktop and then apply them to your needs.

Separately at the bottom of the page are the same logos that have been specially formatted for Facebook.   The Sakura logo is for the circle photo area and the calligraphy logo is formatted for the square logo of a Facebook page.

If you need these logos sent to you via email, please contact the website administrator at narikebana@gmail.com

iitmark copy 3

The Sakura logo below is specifically designed to be used as the primary logo in the circle area of a Facebook page. However, you may use it anywhere an I.I. Sakura logo is needed.

Sakura logo formatted for Facebook

The black and white calligraphy logo below has been formatted to fit into the square photo area of a Facebook page and may be used any other place you wish to display this logo.

Calligraphy logo formatted for Facebook

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