Fall 2020 Programs

2020-21 Chapter Programs

If your chapter has decided on your programs for the rest of 2020 and even into 2021, please share them with Stephanie English, our webmaster. We want to post program information on the this website for all chapters and prospective members to see. Also, some programs may also be featured on our Ikebana North America Facebook page.

Meeting Safety – St. Petersburg Chapter #65 shared document

The St. Petersburg chapter has prepared a report of how to hold meetings either “live” indoors or outdoors or “virtual”. The have generously shared their thoughts with all the NCAR chapters. The report is effective July 1, 2020 and reflects COVID-19 advisories effective at that time for the St. Petersburg and Florida areas. Each chapter should consider this report in combination with your own local and state government entities COVID-19 guidelines and advisories.
We urge all chapters to review this report and share it with their board, program chairs – even all members.

Fall 2020 Programs available to all Chapters

In August we will make available two types of demonstration videos.  The first are the three demonstrations from the 18th NCARC Conference held in Dallas. The second set will be two videos featuring qualified Ikebana sensei’s demonstrating Sogetsu and Ikenobo designs. These demonstration videos are being professionally produced.  We also plan to provide 1-2 cultural videos.

Stay tuned and keep calm.

Demonstration Videos from 18th NCAR Conference in Dallas

Not everyone attended the 18th North & Central American Regional Conference in Dallas this past October. The Regional Advocates and Ikebana Iwaya Fund will be making these demonstration video’s available to your chapter for meeting programs this fall. Stay tuned!

Here is a sample of what you can see and share with your members!

Cultural Programs coming this Fall

Endless Possibilities of Washi Paper by Laura Felt – Asheville Chapter
Just look at all the “Endless Possibilities of Washi Paper”. Stay tuned for details on a cultural program being offered this fall on easy to do Washi paper creations. These are also great outreach programs to do with children!