NCAR Conference Minutes and Presentations

Business Meeting Minutes

Below are copies of the minutes from the two Business meetings held at the conference. If you have any questions about these meetings, you are asked to contact your Regional Liaison directly for more details and/or explanation.

  • 1st Business Meeting Minutes as approved at 2nd Business Meeting
  • 2nd Business Meeting Minutes (to be approved by minutes committee and posted at a later date)

Grow Ikebana Forum

At this meeting there was a presentation on several items of opportunity and challenges facing chapters in our region.

  • Membership Analysis and Issues
  • Recommended Regional Liaison Committee formation
  • Success stories on how chapters are growing membership
    • Associate with a local college – Presented by Harrisburg chapter
    • How a small chapter can thrive – Presented by Madison chapter
    • Using Social Media – Presented by Stephanie English and Elizabeth Biddle

The specific presentations are included in the Power Point presentation linked below as both a Power Point file and PDF file. If you have questions about these discussion items, we urge you to contact your Regional Liaison who can discuss these ideas and perhaps be a help to your chapter in implementing an idea to help your chapter Grow Ikebana. You are not alone and together we can Grow Ikebana. We encourage you to share this presentation to your chapter to help your chapter discuss how you want to Grow Ikebana. It would be a great program idea!

Resolutions and Motions

The following resolutions and motions were approved at the 18th North & Central American Conference delegates.

Two motions were approved at the 2nd business meeting. The first requires all emails sent by the NCAR Regional Communications Chair to be forwarded to all chapter members and the 2nd requires all chapters to send copies of the Elected Officers form not only to I.I. headquarters but to the NCAR Communications chair and the chapters’ respective Regions Liaison

Resolution #!1 served to form the North & Central American Region Liaison committee. As this only effected our region, it was later changed and adopted by the conference delegates as a motion.

Resolution #2 was designed to make donations more financially beneficial to headquarters (Japanese bank fees for foreign transactions are quite high) and to require I.I. headquarters to acknowledge donations in Sakura News in a timely manner. This resolution was approved by the conference delegates and has been sent to Ikebana International Headquarters for approval

Resolution #3 merely asked for the I.I. by-laws to be changed to come into compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order regarding the fact that members of the Nominating committee may also be recommended for office. This resolution was approved by the conference delegates and has been sent to Ikebana International Headquarters for approval.