NCAR Sensei Network

The work of the NCAR Sensei Network Committee could not have been done without these hardworking committee members. A big thank you to each of them!

Carolyn Alter, Nana Bellerud – Portland
Stephen Eberhagen, Ellen Weston – Miami, Barbara Goss, Jeanne Houlton – St. Petersburg, Nancy Griggs – Dallas, Lynne Hamilton – Dayton, Marjorie Bauman, Libby Haynes, Patty Lemmerman- D.C. , Marilyn Hoskins- Omaha, Marina Khudobina – San Diego, Susan Cano, Sibbie Wilson – Asheville, Lin Ko – Columbia, Cheryl Linck – Detroit, E-Ling Lou – Chicago, Margy Metzler – Naples, Sima Sariaslani – Philadelphia, Margaret Taylor – Toronto, Laurie Wareham – Milwaukee

If you want to be in our teacher directory, need help with virtual teaching or if you are looking for a teacher – this page is for you!

Sensei are the heart of our art form as they devote countless hours learning about ikebana and sharing their mutual passion for ikebana with others. We all learn from each other and our sensei network is a valuable resource for all chapters.

About Our Sensei Network

  • The NCAR Sensei Network was formed through the work of the Regional Advocates and a hard working committee of 30 NCAR Chapter members, representing 5 schools of Ikebana from 19 NCAR chapters.
  • We want this list to be useful in finding active sensei. Here is how we define active sensei.

Sensei – Want to be added to our directory? Need help on virtual teaching

  • Want to be added to our new NCAR Sensei directory, make corrections or fill out an optional Sensei Profile form and we will see that you are on the NCAR Sensei Directory. This list is of all sensei in NCAR chapters conducting both in person lessons.
  • To be added to any of lists, contact Stephanie English at
  • We have many resources for virtual teaching from suggested equipment to recommended virtual lesson elements and much more- click here.

Students – Looking for a Sensei

  • Looking for a sensei for in-person or virtual lessons?
  • Need help in deciding which school or how to choose a sensei?
  • This page has the information to get you started.
  • No sensei in your chapter – check out our Virtual Sensei Network.