NCARC Conference – 2019

October 27-31, 2019 – Dallas, Texas

Registration opened September 20, 2019 – save $100 by registering before 12/31/2018.

Just about everything you need to know about this conference can be found on this page.  Please link this page to your website and/or share it with your members.

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Your Hosts and Contact info

  • Chairperson –  Patricia O’Reilly, of Dallas Chapter 13 –
  • Co-Chairperson –  Sandra Prachyl, representing Fort Worth Chapter 38 –
  • Ikebana Dallas website
  • A Facebook Page has been set up to keep you up to date.  This Facebook page will provide ongoing information about what’s going on in Dallas and Fort Worth.  It will keep you apprised of new events, major transportation changes, etc., so you can start your planning as soon as possible!  You will also be able to exchange information on this Facebook Page.

Donation and Sponsorship information

Please strongly consider make a chapter or personal donation to the conference. You can support the conference by making a direct donation through the Ikebana Iwaya fund or securing a sponsor for the event or by placing an ad in the booklet.
  • Click here for the various sponsorship levels available to your, your chapter or a sponsor.
  • Want to place an ad in the souvenir booklet – click here for all the important details.
  • Perhaps you know of a U.S. based or global company that might consider sponsorship of this event.  Here is a letter you might send a potential sponsor. Feel free to edit it as you see fit.
  • If someone in your chapter handles publicity, you might ask them send this Press Release to their contact list.
  • If your chapter is so inclined, feel free to send this press release to your contact list for P.R.

Demonstrations and Workshops

  • Featured Guest Ikebana Artist is Ikenobo Ikebana Headmaster Designate, Senko Ikenobo.
  • We will also have guest ikebana artists representing the Sogetsu, Ohara and Ichiyo schools.
  • Four schools of Ikebana will be offering workshops; Ikenobo, Ichiyo, Ohara and Sogetsu
  • One major workshop creating a large exhibition piece is also available
  • There are two cultural workshops and one cultural seminar

Tours and Shopping

  • There are several tours available in and around Dallas and Fort Worth for you and especially for spouses and guests in attendance
  • The Artist’s Market at the conference will be very tempting, featuring Ikebana containers from potters around the U.S. as well as other items of Ikebana

Exhibit and Honored Guests

  • Honorary Chairpeople, newly arrived Consul General of Japan in Houston, Mr. Hideo Fukushima and Mrs. Fukushima
  • An exhibit featuring several schools of Ikebana and nearly 200 arrangements

Great Food and Entertainment

  • A wonderful opening Texas style BBQ, Country band and line dancing – western wear and boots are appropriate attire!
  • A beautiful and memorable closing Sayronara closing reception and dinner

We want your experiences at the 18th North & Central American Regional Conference to be the seeds that plant ideas you take home to help GROW ikebana in your Chapter and your Community!!

We do hope you and all of your members can attend this event.  It is a wonderful time to expand your “friendships through flowers”!