Resources for Sensei

NCAR Sensei Network directory. This lists active sensei in NCAR chapters. Send new listings or updates to

This outlines what is meant by actively teaching. Please review it before submitting your listing or a Sensei Profile

All sensei are encouraged to fill out this optional Sensei Profile form. It is an important resource for students looking for a virtual sensei, but in person only sensei may also provide this information. Send the completed form to

This is a list of equipment virtual sensei are using and where you can buy these items.

Here are some ideas on Training Protocols for virtual teaching. It has lots of links to resources and videos too!

We also have included recommendations on basic components of a virtual lesson.

  • Check out this Sample video on how to critique a students’ arrangement during a live Zoom session. This was created by Sima Sariaslani and E-Ling Lou.