On this page you will find important information on the following items

  • Chapters with approved by laws as of spring 2016
  • How to establish a chapter email address
  • Comparison of paying dues via PayPal vs. wire transfer

Additional information on other pages covers:

  • Ideas on how you can help Ikebana grow or receive grants for your chapter activities; check out the Iwaya fund page on this website
  • Information on insurance policy needs for your chapter
  • Official Ikebana International logos for your website, stationary etc.
As of spring 2016 Chapters with approved by-laws

As of spring 2016 Chapters with approved by-laws



Click on the icon on the left to see a list from 2016 of those chapters with approved by-laws




Creating your own chapter email address

Of the 72 chapters in the NCAR,  most have a chapter email address that will not change when the officers change!

In a very short time, Headquarters will no longer send emails to a personal email address.

Therefore, Ikebana International headquarters has requested that all chapters establish a dedicated email address that will not change as your officers change.  One contact email per chapter will simplify the email email symbolprocess for I.I. headquarters and make communications better for all parties.

Just be certain to have the password information be unique to your chapter
and not you personally. This way, the email address is easily transferable to the next president or officer that takes over the responsibility of the chapter email address.

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to send your chapter’s email address to narikebana@gmail.com.  And be sure to put this address in your contact list so that emails from the North & Central American Region do not go to your spam folder.

Please be aware that Headquarters can not reply to any email address that has any of the following extensions:

  • Phone companies – e.g. bellsouth or At&T
  • Cable companies e.g. nc.rr.com or comcast.net
  • Yahoo or Hotmail.

Many chapters have opted to establish a gmail address.  The best format seems to be the word ikebana followed by the city name where the chapter is located.  (e.g. ikebananaples@gmail.com or houstonikebana@gmail.com)

This email address can be monitored by anyone in your chapter who is in charge of communications with your chapter.  When that person changes office, no need for a change in your email address – just have the new person use the same address using the same passwords that you established for the chapter. Join the fun and make it easier for everyone to contact you.  Also, please see this page for how to forward your dedicated email address correspondence to any other email address.


Review this chart to assess the best method to pay your chapter dues – PayPal or Wire transfer or credit card.