Thoughts on the 18th NCARC conference

From Ilse Beunen – a workshop leader

Ikebana International Conference in Dallas

In my first week of the American Tour, I participated in the NCARC IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL conference in Dallas

The ikebana international conference was chaired by Patricia O’Reilly and organized by the Dallas and the Fort Worth chapters. The theme was growth, and there were many interesting talks about this topic. It gave me extra ideas on how I can contribute further to the growth of Ikebana.

This Region now has it’s own Facebook page where they will post more about the conference in the future.

Like all good things, time flies when you are having fun. The organizers had prepared a full program. There was a choice of 17 workshops, a full day of demonstrations, and several cultural events. 

The biggest surprise for me was the discovery that a significant part of the participants were following me on social media and that they read my newsletter. I was delighted, I got to know the people behind the names of all the comments and likes. We connected, and we became friends in the real world. 

Friendship through Flowers

Picture: Friendship through Flowers – From virtual friends to friends in the real world