Video Package FAQ’s

Q. #1. How did you arrive at the pricing for each group?  What is the membership breakdown of each group?    

A. The Regional Advocate committee had multiple long meetings discussing how best to price these videos.  We went from pricing of each video to a bundled package. We chose this, as it was the most economical and convenient for the chapters.  The groupings are fair in that all chapters are grouped with other chapters of a similar size. We created the groups on the basis of our knowledge of each chapter individually and collectively.  

Q. #2. We welcome non-members as guests as a way to introduce and invite them to join I.I. How can we do this when the video link and password is not to be shared?

A. We agree these videos are a great way to introduce prospects to I.I. at these times when in person meetings are not practical.  We encourage you to invite guests to your Zoom meetings and especially those that involve video showings.  The password for the video links themselves will only be provided to your Video Liaison as is important to keep them secure.  To invite guests all you need to do is to send them the Zoom chapter meeting information.  They won’t need the video passwords.  Let us know if you happen to get a member after a video zoom meeting!

Q. #3. Our chapter doesn’t meet 10 times a year; can we schedule additional meetings so we can make use of the entire video package? 

A. Yes, absolutely!  More meetings are a very good way to encourage membership growth and engagement.  Many chapters meet less frequently than 10 times a year and given that this video initiative provides 10 video programs why not schedule more meetings as a benefit to your members?  In fact, consider offering meetings at different days and times.  Why not a 5PM cocktail showing?  Or invite your members for popcorn and a movie some evening! You can also invite non-members to join you in viewing your movie, as long as your chapter is sponsoring the event.  Wow! Thinking outside the box!  If you wish to schedule more than one meeting in a given month, please submit a separate Zoom Schedule Form for each meeting.

Q. #4. Could more than one chapter schedule and watch the video together?

A. This is a great idea and we will try to coordinate smaller chapters to view the video during the same Zoom meeting time.  This requires some flexibility on the part of the chapters to work together and may not be ideal when chapters do need to conduct business either before or after the video.   Nevertheless, we will be trying to coordinate and consolidate as best we can.  However, we can only accommodate 99 people with our Zoom account. Because of the demand for Zoom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, we have added to Zoom accounts dedicated to the showing of videos only.  The NCAR Video Coordinator will schedule these Zoom video-showing meetings. Of course, any chapter with access to a personal or chapter Pro Zoom account is welcome to use that account.  Doing so insures they will be able to show the video at their preferred meeting time.

Q. #5. Can we record our meetings showing the videos and then show the recording of the meeting again at another time?

A. No. As you can expect, producing these quality videos was very costly.  Chapters have access to any video and can show them multiple times over the next 12 months.  Therefore, there is no real need to “record” the video showing of your Zoom meeting. Zoom recordings are not in high definition but the videos are. Recording of the videos is strictly prohibited in the guidelinesThe default Zoom setting will be set not to automatically record.

Q. #6. We have already scheduled our general meetings on Zoom for the next several months.  Can we simply use those Zoom times to show one of the videos?

A. In a word, no.  We are asking all chapters who have scheduled video showings on the Chapter Pro Zoom account accessed by, to cancel those meetings.  

The Ikebana Iwaya Fund has purchased two additional Zoom accounts solely for showing these videos.   As most chapters have the popular meeting time of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning, the NCAR Video Coordinator will schedule your Zoom meeting to show the video.  The Coordinator will schedule the video as near as possible to your chapter meeting time and we are asking chapters to be flexible. Chapters are welcome to use their own or a members’ Pro Zoom account.  This they will guarantee showing the video at their preferred time. Please submit a Scheduling Form for each of the meetings where you hope to show one of the videos. 

We have recently revised the Zoom usage guidelines asking chapters to use the Chapter Zoom account accessed by to use this account only for 

  • Chapter Board Meetings or
  • Chapter General Meetings that do not involve showing of any of the 10 package videos.  

Further, our Zoom guidelines have always stipulated not to schedule recurring meetings or meetings more than three months in advance.

Q. #7. The person who is the main Video Liaison is not the person who will pay the bill. Will this be confusing when I fill out the form?

A. No, we can identify the source of the payment so it should not be a problem. 

Q. #8. How do we schedule the Iwaya Zoom video time when we have a chapter meeting beforehand, which we don’t want public (really boring way to introduce people to our chapter)? I see a mention in the directions from the NCAR website of a 2 hour block for the video with time for a chapter meeting. How do we keep a separation between the events to exclude the public from the chapter meeting?

A. Way to go – inviting guests to a Zoom meeting is a great way to attract more members.  Just be sure you invite them to the Zoom meeting via the Zoom link and do not provide the Video link or password to your members or invited guests.
If you feel your chapter meeting in combination with the video showing will go over 2 hours, we suggest you do two separate Zoom reservations, which will mean two separate Zoom meeting links.

  • First wait until you see what time you receive for your video showing meeting via the NCAR Video Coordination. 
  • We expect the September video schedule of Zoom meetings to be provided around August 20th. 
  • After you receive that time, you can then schedule your chapter meeting on the Pro Zoom account you have been using for your chapter meetings (
  • As all Zoom accounts provided by Ikebana Iwaya Fund are limited to 2 hours in length, this is the best way to insure you complete your chapter business and are able to show the video to your members and invited guests.

Of course, another option is to schedule your business meeting and Zoom showing on different days.

Q. #9. I am confused, what meeting do I schedule and what meetings does the NCAR Video Coordinator schedule?

A. We agree it is a bit confusing.  We are asking chapters to schedule only Board meetings and chapter meetings that do not involve a video showing on the same Pro Zoom account they have been using accessed by If your chapter has subscribed to our 10 video package, the NCAR Video Coordinator, using the new additional Zoom account provided by Ikebana Iwaya fund, will schedule your Zoom meetings.  As you might expect, scheduling Zoom video showings for up to 68 chapters primarily on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings is a challenge.  Hence the need for additional Pro Zoom accounts.  If your chapter has access to a paid Pro Zoom account, that might be a good option if you must schedule your meeting at a specific, week, day and time.  

Q. #10. Can we choose to use any video at any of our scheduled meetings? How do we specify which video we want to use?

A. We wanted to give you maximum flexibility. It doesn’t matter which video you select for which meeting.  You can schedule any video at any time. There is no limit to the number of chapters accessing the same video at the same time. However, we do need to know what video you will be showing so we can provide you with the proper password for your chosen video.

Q. #11. When do you expect we will receive supplemental information about the demonstrations? This will be helpful to “advertising” the meeting?

A. We are delighted that you want to advertise and promote the meeting.  We hope you invite guests to your Zoom video showing as well. We recommend you promote the video meetings to your members and on your website and Facebook pages as well.  We hope these videos become a promotional tool for attracting more members.  

The bios, themes for the demonstrations (for you to use when promoting the video programs) and the styles, containers and a material list for all the demonstrators at the Dallas conference as well as the four NCAR sensei demonstrators.  As soon as all the videos are complete we will update the website accordingly.  See this page for all the bios and supplemental information by specific video.

Q. #12. Is it possible for our Program chairman to preview videos?

A. There is a trailer for the Conference videos and the Washi cultural program ae on the right hand page of the NCAR website as well as on this page.  We have not completed the videos by the four NCAR sensei.  For now, we have three of the four bios on the website.  If we are able to provide a trailer for the four NCAR sensei demos we will.  As a reminder, all videos are recorded in high definition using professional videographers and settings! There is a lot to do to be able to complete everything by Sept. 1.  Please bear with us.

Q. #13. Can we use these videos if we are able to meet in person?

A. Of course! All you need is access to wi-fi , a laptop and screen and a way to show the video on the screen. Usually any audio/video person at a meeting location can help you show a video from a laptop computer up to a projector/movie screen or plain blank wall.

Q. 14. Is there any way that the videos could be put into an online library? I have had some requests from members, for those who might not be able to attend the Zoom meetings or for reference to clarify something they might have missed. It could be a valuable resource. 

A. All the video’s are password protected and cannot be on any website that is available to the public or for that matter our chapters that have not subscribed to the video package.  If your chapter subscribes, you have unlimited options to show the videos at any time outside of your regular meeting time.  If chapter members missed something or need a clarification, they are welcome to email your Regional Advocate who will either refer the question to the specific demonstrator or provide direct contact with the demonstrator.