All NCAR Chapters now have “free” access to a Zoom account allowing meetings over 40 minutes!

With the generous support of the Iwaya Fund*,
all NCAR chapters have an upgraded Zoom account

How to get started
  • There are three important documents to review first:
    • This document outlines the courtesies and policies of using the account to maximize its use for all chapters within the North & Central American Region (NCAR)
    • For your convenience, the Regional Advocates prepared instructions for you to share with your board and chapter members as needed on “How to join a Zoom meeting”. This document can be revised to fit your chapter needs and specific information.
    • It is very important that you “sign out” after every Zoom meeting. Here is how to do it!
    • To access the login information and Password for this account please email or call the Regional Advocate for your chapter.

We are excited to make this available to your chapter for meetings, programs and exhibitions as you learn how to use the technology.  We encourage you now and the future to use it for :

  • Board meetings
  • Committee meeting
  • Chapter meetings, especially for smaller chapters
  • Programs that are conducive to video conferencing or for smaller attendance
  • Events during bad weather (summer or winter)
New to Zoom

For those who have not used Zoom, download the app “Zoom.us”.  Take a look at the instruction and plan a “test” meeting with a few of your board.  The more you use it the more you will get to know that it is a great tool.  (Explore the website to learn creative ways to use Zoom.)  

We firmly believe that you will find this tool useful now when we are still not meeting in person as well as into the future.